Navigating Excellence Through Our Group Companies

Bukhamseen Aviation Group, a pioneering force in Kuwait's aviation landscape, comprises five dynamic establishments, each playing a unique role in redefining travel and logistics. From the seasoned expertise of Al Madina Travels Establishment, established in 1977, to the comprehensive logistics solutions offered by Bukhamseen Cargo Establishment, founded in 2018, our entities collectively shape a robust and innovative aviation ecosystem. As we continue to evolve and expand, these organizations showcase our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a future where aviation seamlessly meets the diverse needs of our clients.

Al Madina Travels

Al Madina Travels, established in 1977, stands as a seasoned non-IATA agency with a rich history in the aviation industry. Functioning as a General Sales Agent (GSA), it has successfully represented prestigious airlines, including Sri Lankan Airlines and Iraqi Airways. Specializing in airline representation, Al Madina Travels Company has been a key player in bridging these airlines with the Kuwait market, fostering strong partnerships.

With a proven track record, it has navigated the complexities of the aviation landscape, contributing significantly to the success and market penetration of the airlines it represents. Al Madina Travels Company's longevity and expertise underscore its pivotal role within the Bukhamseen Aviation Group, establishing it as a reliable and influential entity in Kuwait's aviation sector.

Al Madina Cargo

Since its inception in 1977, Al Madinah Cargo has been a pivotal player in the cargo domain, standing out as a key subsidiary within the Bukhamseen Aviation Group. As a Cargo General Sales Agent (GSA), the company has earned a reputation for excellence by representing esteemed airlines such as Sri Lankan Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Gulf Air, Iraqi Airways, and Etihad Airways.

Al Madinah Cargo's strategic role involves facilitating the efficient movement of goods through air transport, contributing significantly to the group's comprehensive logistics portfolio. With a focus on meeting the diverse needs of clients, the company handles various cargo types, including general cargo, perishables, dangerous goods, valuables, live animals, and outsized cargo. It adhers to international regulations and ensuring secure transportation underscores its importance in the aviation and cargo sectors. Al Madinah Cargo continues to play a vital role in shaping the cargo landscape of the region, emphasizing reliability, security, and efficiency in its operations.

National Aviation Center Company

Established in 2005, National Aviation Centre Company, operating as a non-IATA agency, has carved its niche as a distinguished General Sales Agent (GSA) for prominent airlines within the Bukhamseen Aviation Group. Established to represent airlines in Kuwait, it excels as a key player in the group's diverse aviation portfolio. With a strategic focus on representing airlines such as Pegasus Airlines, Air Cairo, and Vistara. National Aviation Centre contributes significantly to the group's dynamic presence in the Kuwaiti aviation market.

Its commitment to excellence and effective airline representation showcases its pivotal role in fostering successful partnerships and market growth. As part of the larger aviation conglomerate. National Aviation Centre remains an integral component, leveraging its industry expertise and strong affiliations to enhance the group's overall standing in Kuwait's aviation landscape.

Bukhamseen Travel and Tourism

Established in 2004, Bukhamseen Travels and Tourism has evolved into a cornerstone IATA agency, surpassing conventional travel services by becoming a franchiser of choice. This distinguished agency proudly represents renowned brands such as Sri Lankan Holidays and Pegasus Holidays, offering travelers tailored and all-inclusive holiday packages. Over the decades, the agency has built a solid reputation for providing customized solutions, making it a pivotal player in the travel industry.

With a promise of customer satisfaction and a diverse portfolio catering to various vacation preferences, Bukhamseen Travels & Tourism continues to be a trusted name in the travel sector. Its unwavering dedication to excellence and strategic partnerships has allowed it to thrive in the competitive travel market, making it a reliable choice for those seeking unique and satisfying travel experiences. The agency's enduring success lies in its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of travelers, ensuring memorable and seamless journeys.

Bukhamseen Cargo Agencies Company

Established in 2018, Bukhamseen Cargo Agencies Company has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading freight forwarding entity within the Bukhamseen Aviation Group. Specializing in comprehensive logistics solutions, it handles air cargo, sea cargo, land transportation, and door-to-door services. Bukhamseen Cargo Company plays a vital role in bolstering the group's capabilities, ensuring seamless and efficient movement of goods across various modes of transportation.

With a dedicated focus on meeting client needs, it has become a key player in the logistics domain, contributing significantly to the group's overall operational prowess. The company's ability to adapt to the dynamic logistics landscape underscore its importance as an integral subsidiary within the larger aviation conglomerate. As Bukhamseen Cargo Company continues to evolve, it remains a cornerstone in the group's pursuit of comprehensive and reliable freight solutions.