Welcome to Bukhamseen Aviation! Pioneering Global Aviation Excellence

Embodying innovation and dedication, we are the driving force in Kuwait's aviation landscape. Our brand essence lies in our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences, coupled with a vision that extends beyond horizons. As the biggest aviation entity in Kuwait, we are not just pioneers; we are the architects of a new era in aviation.

Business Areas

Our business area is characterized by a holistic approach, encompassing a wide spectrum of services designed to meet the varied demands of the travel and aviation sectors. From cutting-edge technological solutions to personalized customer service, we prioritize the delivery of quality and reliability in every aspect of our operations

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    Passenger Airline Representation(GSA)

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    Cargo Airline Representation(GSA)

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    IATA Travel Agent

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    Freight Forwarding

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    Holiday Franchiser


Bukhamseen Aviation Group Information

Internal Structure

Engaged in the aviation industry, Bukhamseen Aviation, as a whole, comprises of more than 100 aviation professionals. These professionals bring extensive practical experience in the specific domains associated with the airline and aviation industry.


Bukhamseen Aviation group is a subsidiary which lies under the umbrella of Bukhamseen Group Holding company one of the biggest company in middle east owning a capital of 6.2 Billion USD. Bukhamseen Group Holding Company, wholly owned by the esteemed Bukhamseen family, holds a distinguished position as one of the wealthiest families in the Middle East, as acknowledged by Forbes. click here

Why Bukhamseen Aviation?

  • We strive to specifically customize to the requirements of each of our principal airlines, strategically enhancing their market presence for optimal penetration.
  • Our team comprises highly trained aviation professionals, equipped with the expertise and skills necessary to ensure seamless and efficient operations in the dynamic aviation industry.
  • The foremost airline representative in Kuwait, our company has achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying our position as a leader in the aviation industry. With an extensive portfolio of successful partnerships, strategic alliances, and a proven track record of effective airline representation, we have become the largest and most trusted entity in shaping the aviation landscape in Kuwait.
  • Honored with the prestigious title of Kuwait’s Leading Airline GSA 2024 by the World Travel Awards.
  • Strives to broaden our portfolio by including representation services for car rental, rail, holidays and cruise segments
  • 5 Years target in becoming the most preferred airline representor in Middle East
  • Working towards achieving our vision as a team
  • Up-to-date high standard technology to promote our business
  • Our company is dedicated to realizing the objective of establishing an Airport Ground Handling Company